Music – the true benefits to your health

Playing a musical instrument is more than just music to the ears!!

There’s touch and movement of the fingers, hands and body, movement and vision of the eyes, listening to yourself and others with the ears, breathing through the nose and keeping posture, and developing a taste for a variety of music genres as they are being exposed. That is not just the 4 senses being activated, but many different parts of the brain being activated and coordinated at the same time which no other activity does.

From what I’ve seen, experienced and read in research, playing a musical instrument helps develops:

  • Discipline
  • Problem solving skills
  • Increased social skills
  • Increased attention, concentration span and patience
  • Happiness
  • Attention to detail
  • Increased memory
  • And much more!

Have a look at the video by TedEd

Mental processes developed, keeps the ageing brain active. Therefore, it is never too late to learn an instrument, there is no such thing as getting too old. No excuses. There are way too many benefits to not enjoy the benefits of music in life.

Who would not want to give their brain something equivalent to a full body workout?

Sabrina Ou (piano and keyboard tutor)